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We cover a wide range of business recruitment needs, from specialist Telecoms engineers through to IT and Software positions…

We know that to have a successful business the quality of your employees is critical… that is why we take the time to fully understand the qualities and attributes you are looking for to ensure we identify the best candidates to add real value to your business!

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Telecoms & Mobile Networks

The telecoms and Mobile Networks sectors are arguably one of the fastest growing sectors right now. With the major operators and alternative network companies investing millions into build and new infrastructure.

Finding highly-skilled and specialised candidates has never been so difficult. The good news is, we have years of industry knowledge and experience across all levels from start-ups to large corporates.

We have an expansive resourcing portfolio of talented high calibre candidates.

Telecoms & Mobile Networks Recruitment
Utilities & Energy Recruitment

Utilities & Energy

The Utilities and Energy sectors continues to be one of the largest areas of demand for highly skilled candidates.

With huge focus and investment in Renewable Energy, demand for candidates is set to continue.

At IBP we have access to the largest candidate resource and networks in the UK, which is why we are trusted by some of the largest companies in these sectors.

Engineering & Technical.

The Engineering and Technical sectors represent almost 20% of all employment in the UK.

It’s estimated that over 250,000 skilled candidates will be recruited each year to meet the high demand.

Due to another sector with a major skills shortage, finding candidates with the right skills and aptitude for your company is proving more and more difficult.

The team at IBP can help and smooth out the recruitment process.

Engineering Technical Recruitment
IT & Software (including SaaS) Recruitment

IT, Software & SaaS.

Technology businesses are at the heart of the UK economy, with one of the largest technology ecosystems with thousands of tech start-ups and SME’s.

Finding highly skilled candidates with the right technical knowledge and experience is becoming the hardest challenge companies are facing at the moment.

The IBP team are passionate in providing your business with highly skilled professionals. We matched to your hiring needs, for both on-site or remote work.

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